Your Wishlist for Blogs, Products
and Anything Else You Desire

Built using F6 stacks only!

EasyWish, a versatile tool (project file) that enhances your website by adding a customizable wishlist.

Built with F6 stacks, it allows for the positioning and customization of each element to meet your needs.



EasyWish is compatible with both dynamic and static content and seamlessly integrates with stacks content generators like Blog List, Feeds, and Total Loop, enhancing usability flexibility.

Template Cloning

EasyWish employs template cloning to display items in the wishlist. Each template, representing a single item, is easily customizable thanks to F6 stacks.

Local Data Management

Uses Local Storage to retain wishlist information, ensuring users can access their saved items even after closing the browser.

Add Item Button

Each item can have its own Add Item to Wishlist button that dynamically updates its active state based on the item's presence in the wishlist, facilitating user interaction

Grid & List Layouts

EasyWish comes with two preset layouts for displaying items in the wishlist: grid and list, offering versatile and attractive visual organization.

Overlapping Wishlist

This method displays wishlist content in a dropdown container that overlaps the page content.

Counter Element

Displays the number of items in your wishlist. It's flexible and can be used in multiple instances to show counts in different site areas.

Share Button

Is the button to send the wishlist via email. The email content automatically populates with item details contained in the wishlist. The data labels are customizable with CSS variables.

Clear All Button

Allows for clearing the wishlist with a single click, facilitating the management of desired items and can be placed anywhere on the site.


Displays temporary notifications for additions or removals from the wishlist, with customizable timing through a CSS variable for a consistent user experience.

Empty List Content

Displays predefined content when the wishlist is empty or has been cleared, enhancing the user experience during wishlist interactions.

Dynamic UI Update

The user interface automatically updates in response to user actions, keeping the wishlist up-to-date without needing to reload the page.